4 Ways to Create Captivating Headlines

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4 Ways to Create Captivating Headlines

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 We would love to tell you quality of content is all that matters on the Internet, but alas, this is not true. We are all cover judgers. We take a look at the title, the image and form a judgment, is this worth my time or not?   We have no doubt dozens of killer articles are lost in the content abyss, not because the articles suck, but because the headlines do.

 Your headlines needs to be catchy, interesting and informative. This is the most important part of the article and it needs to stand out. The title will help drive interest and SEO. A single word in a headline has the ability to increase the click-through rate up to 46%. A headline creates the initial impression of what your customer can expect to learn. Nail your title and draw those readers in or they’ll keep on clicking till the “right” title does.


Tips for writing a powerful headline right now:


Start with your headlines.

What are you trying to say? What problems are you solving for the reader? What can they expect to learn from your post?

What Would I Google?

The key to writing a effective headlines is being able to understand how your potential customer thinks. When crafting an impactful headlines, think “What would I google?”. Thinking this way is mutually inclusive. At the same time you are optimizing for SEO on google, you are approaching the mindset of your future consumer. Blend creativity with SEO.

Copywriters have created the four U’s of creating a captivating headline:

  • Unique
  • Ultra-specific
  • Urgency
  • Useful


Check out this great article on QuickSprout for more info on maximizing each of the four U’s


Analyze this.

So, you’ve followed the rules but how do you know your headline will be effective? There are lots of helpful resources on the web that analyze and predict effectiveness of your title. Our favorite is CoSchedules Headline Analyzer. It grades your title based on an analysis of the specific words you have chosen.  Use this app to tweak your title and find a winning combination with the best grade.


In a society crowded with information – you need to stand out.

Can you remember a time a great headline caught your eye? Would you have read the article if the headline hadn’t caught your attention, Probably not. If this article helped, why not contact the teambehind this informative masterpiece? Maybe we can help you with more than just your headline.

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