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Why we’re here.

Unlike traditional agencies, we do not have rigid hierarchies. Also, we are structured to collaborate closely with our clients. Through activities like hands-on design studios and product immersion, we learn your business and uncover new opportunities. Clients join the team to help us truly understand their business.

What we stand for.

Everything we do, we believe in doing things people love and challenging the status quo of traditional marketing. We do this by connecting brands with their customers, fostering engagement, and sharing brand stories through artful and strategic marketing. We are a data-driven inbound marketing agency that helps grow brands.

What we are not.

We are not a full-service cookie cutter marketing agency. We do a few things and do them very well. We are not mass producers of regurgitated content and design. We are not magicians. We are not politically correct, but we have good ethics. We are not jerks. We are not a ‘take any business that comes our way’ agency. We are not generalists. We are not a PR firm.

How we pay it forward & give back.

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Life at UP Agency

At UP Agency, we’ve assembled a tight-knit group of talented individuals who take pride in doing things people love. Our team is growing by the day and we welcome all applicants. See what our team is up to below! If you are interested in applying for a position with UP Agency please email your resume to jobs@UPAgency.ca

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