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How your brand can benefit from User Generated Content

How your brand can benefit from User Generated Content 2074 1263 Adrian Lischer

This just in, “everyone is creating content”, and for those of us whose mission it is to grow brands, that is fantastic news. There is a lot of pressure on brands to create engaging content. One of the most effective ways that brands are now using to catapult their brand awareness online is through “User Generated Content” or UGC.

What is UGC you ask?

UGC is simply content about your brand that is created by your customers or fans. Whether that content is photos, videos, product reviews, or testimonials. This is what’s key, it is user generated content.

Brands are now encouraging the public to jump on social platforms such as Twitter, Facebook & Instagram to share their customer experiences.

The Toronto Raptors launched the “We The North” campaign with a huge success.

Coinciding with the first time the team had been into the playoffs in their 20-year franchise history. The timing and execution was perfect.

Fans and supporters of the team were asked to upload their photos and videos with the hashtag #wethenorth to twitter and Instagram. Fans uploaded photos wearing t-shirts, attending games, and even standing outside the stadium in the public viewing area dubbed “Jurassic Park” to show their team pride.

“We the North” created a movement, long before the branding was official for the team, which shows the power and momentum of user generated content.

Email Campaign

Social media isn’t the only place that you can use UGC to create engagement between you and your customers. More sophisticated marketers are starting to integrate user-generated content into their email campaigns with great success. released a study showing that UGC can drive a 73% increase in email click-through rates.

One of the biggest benefits of incorporating consumer content into your email marketing is that it saves you tons of time. Constantly coming up with new topics of your own is now complimented by asking your customers to take the lead in driving creativity and enthusiasm around your brand.

The secret sauce in the popularity of UGC is that it adds human perspective to your product pitch. You gain an incredible amount of street cred when real customers take the lead in telling the masses how fantastic your products or services are.

This approach to using your customers and advocates is authentic. Using this approach as a part of an email marketing campaign, can build a tremendous amount of trust in your brand.

So how can you start integrating UGC into your email marketing? Here are a few ideas to get started right now:

  • Come up with a brand-specific hashtag, ask customers to submit via social media, and then feature your favourite responses in your next email.
  • In your next newsletter ask subscribers to email photos or stories of their experiences with your products or services, Use these in your next blog post.
  • Try to create a brand centric theme for submissions that are tied to an upcoming promotion or event

To give your subscribers an extra push to submit, you can make it a contest, with a fun gift or other prize for the most creative submission.

Regardless of how you go about using UGC in your emails, make sure that you make the effort to get permission from the original creator to use their content. And remember to be clear on how you will be using the content.

Once you get the go-ahead, don’t be afraid to experiment with different types of UGC. Videos or photos may work well for one brand, while testimonials work better for another.

Lets say creating a fresh steam of content is one of the pain points in your marketing strategy, using UGC is essential in contemporary content marketing tactics and would be a great addition until you come up with your next big content idea. Still not sure what steps to take? No worries, it’s what we do. Give us a call and find out how we can implement user generated content into your content marketing tactics.

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4 Ways on Getting your Content Marketing Started

4 Ways on Getting your Content Marketing Started 2074 1263 Adrian Lischer

Content marketing refers to a deliberate approach to marketing that involves the creation, and distribution of content that is valuable, informative and consistently directed to a particular demographic of consumers to cause profitable customer action. Well that was a mouthful.

In lehmans terms, its creating content that your customers find valuable. However, instead of the traditional manner of pitching your goods in a traditional sales manner, you provide information that encourages prospective customers to purchase items. This is done through forms like blogging, social media posting, podcasts and the list goes on. Many leading brands e.g. Microsoft, Cisco Systems, and others utilize this form of marketing to drive their business profits. Small businesses have also begun to execute this method of marketing, since it has proven to be successful.

They key aspect that differentiates content marketing from other forms of advertising is the keyword ‘valuable’. The content has to appeal and cause people to seek it out. Keep reading below to find out how you can begin creating a content marketing strategy.

Create A Documented Strategy

As per a study by Content Marketing Institute (CMI), it was found that the lack of a documented strategy is a primary cause for the failures of content marketing. According to this study, 60% of companies with a strategy reported positive ROI margins. It was also found that only 7% of those without any form of strategy brought in profitable ROI.

Publishing for the sake of publishing is not recommended. You need to focus on create quality content and tracking to check whether it generates marketing-qualified leads. If you work in sales, get ready. You may have to work overtime for all the leads that you’re about to bring in. Hopefully you get compensated well, but that’s for another article (check back later for more!)

When creating a documented strategy, start by creating a SMART goal. SMART stands for specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and timely. Creating a SMART goal will help you on your path to establishing a defined content marketing strategy.

Create Resource Articles

There are alot of articles out there (mind blowing, I know). Writing a resource article is ideal in the commencement stages of trying to launch your content marketing efforts. Your content needs to generate a consistent and increasing rate of traffic before seeing any positive ROI.

A resource article is a well-researched article, which revolves around useful information that your target audience will read and find value in. The content of resource articles should be good enough for people to spend money on. For example, when a skateboarder buys a skating magazine, he or she will tike the time to read through the main articles and look at all the pictures. Once they are done, they will proceed to go through the ads. This consumer has paid good money for a periodical full of articles that are offering him or her value. 56% of marketers believe that personalized content promotes higher engagement rates. Resource materials in content marketing have to be targeted toward your specific niche due to the face that you are trying to establish that value. Moral of the story, if you’re selling skateboard trucks, you’re not going to use a homesense magazine.

Assign Each Content A Goal

During a workshop at Content Marketing World, one of the Speakers, Ardath from Marketing Interactions, challenged each of the attendees to assign a purpose to each piece of content they churn out to the world.


Social Media Agency Toronto

Although many people post content with a simple goal of driving consumers from one piece of content to another, they disregard the fact that each individual piece of work should have a goal attached to it.

The content as a whole can be geared to achieve goals like brand awareness, drive more purchases or build up a subscriber base. Regardless of these common aims, you should operate in a manner by which you can track the performance of your content marketing tactics to particular targets.

Email Marketing As A Form Of Content Marketing

Emails, according to VentureBeat, offer the largest overall reach, compared to any other content distribution channel.


They further go to state that; for every dollar spent, email gives back a staggering $38 in ROI. This is because emails are tailored and targeted directly to the consumers’ inbox. It’s an incredibly frugal method for gaining customers.

If you are aiming to increase profits, you must absolutely give email a try. This is especially important when you consider that approximately 98% of people who visit your page will not transact with you immediately.

Unfortunately, content marketing isn’t as easy as I or other articles may make it seem. But it also, is not as difficult as some may argue. There is no set path that needs to be undertaken, rather there are key aspects that if followed, can result in success. Other than creating value, another key is being persistent. Rome wasn’t built in a day. It takes consistent time and effort to see the fruits of your labour.

If you think you may need some help in developing an adequate content strategy, give us a call. It’s kind of what we do. Quite well I might add. We can see where you’re at right now, and tell you where you can ramp up your CMS (content marketing strategy) or if you just need to be a little more persistent. Let’s grab a coffee and talk content marketing, or sports. Either or works.

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Instagram Tips for Beautifying You Feed

Instagram Tips for Beautifying You Feed 2074 1263 Adrian Lischer

Want more followers? Try polishing up your personal Instagram aesthetic. While your personal Insta may look perfect as a jumbled mess of love, the same cannot be said for a professional account. There are a number of elements that all need to be taken into account with every post. All it takes in one ill-fitting photo to throw your theme off. Here are some Instagram tips on creating a stellar Instagram feed.

Take Instagram worthy photos

First off, there are no concrete rules but when in doubt: Shoot from above, use natural light and avoid clutter. Let items hang outside the frame, this looks much more natural. Instagram loves white space!


Do you want a warm and cozy Instagram theme? How about minimalist and fresh? Colour and overall tone of your images will affect the way your photos feel. Pick a tone and stick with it. Also consider the saturation of colour. Do you want your theme to be bright and playful or muted and soft?

Notice the very obvious colour themes in these 4 accounts:


If you’re going to use filters, and we hope that you do, make sure to use the same filter consistently. Much like colour and tone, it is important to keep the same feel throughout the feed. It’s more pleasing to the eye and creates a nice flow.

Use more tools

Photo editing apps are key. Some Instgramers will use more than one app for a single photo. Also, don’t forget, you can access Instagram from your computer so if you have an incredible camera, use it.

A few of our favs:

Snapspeed (Powerful editing and filters)
VSCO (Custom exposure, perfect for low light)
BLACK (B+W, editing capabilities)
Hyperlapse (Slow from 1x to 12x speed, stabilization for video)
Boomerang (Fun looping videos)
Perfect365 (For the selfie queen, beauty enhancer)
PicStitch (Collages)

If it doesn’t fit, don’t post it

At some point you will take a really amazing photo and you’ll want to add it to your Instagram but something will feel off. If it doesn’t fit the overall aesthetic of the feed, don’t post it. It will stick out and ruin the flow. Save it for Twitter or Facebook.

Did we manage to help a little bit? Of course we did. You have just gained some insightful Instagram tips on your path to learning how to use Instagram for your professional business. If you’re still having trouble, give us a call. I mean, we’re no nail salon or barbershop, but we know our way around an Instagram.

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4 Tips to increase your productivity during the week.

4 Tips to increase your productivity during the week. 2074 1263 Adrian Lischer

It’s the morning, you just got to the office, you’re not into it and you’re already procrastinating by checking Facebook, chatting with colleges or reading articles like this one. Maybe you had a rough night loosing in fantasy football, maybe you started your morning stepping on legos and running over your garbage can (we’ve all been there). It happens to the best of us but we can’t let a crappy Sunday night or Monday morning predicate the tone for the rest of the week.

I hate to say it, but your week doesn’t actually start Monday morning, it starts Sunday night. Yes, it’s true we can’t necessarily predict a Lego incident but we can do our best to minimize morning annoyances by organizing ourselves. Take time on Sunday to plan your week, the effort will be totally worth it. Waking up on a Monday morning to a pre-planned outfit and a healthy prepare lunch is enough to give yourself a better start.  These are simple productivity tips that will not only help you organize, but give you piece of mind.

These 4 things will turn chaos into a well-oiled machine:

  • Reflect on last week
  • Make a To-Do list for this week
  • Plan time to relax
  • Prep for your week (food, clothes, driving arrangements ect.)


Reflecting on what you accomplished last week will offer a sense of fulfillment. It’s okay to feel good about what you’ve done, even if you’re the only one who’s acknowledging these feats. On the flip side if you had a sub par week think about what you can do to make sure this week is more successful.

I am about to contradict myself here, but stop trying to find your Monday motivation through articles like this. The time you spend scouring the web for motivational pieces could be spent investing in yourself.

2 tips that work for me:

The best part of a whiteboard is it’s easy to change. It’s a calendar, a to-do list and goal setter all in one. I invested in a whiteboard in my final year of University to help me keep track of assignments, important dates and personal goals I wanted to achieve throughout the year. I ended up finishing in the top 15% of my graduating class. Is this is a coincidence? Purchase one and find out for yourself.


Meditation and reading is time invested in yourself. Use these opportunities as downtime, get into your zen space, and forget about your responsibilities. Adding personal leisure into your schedule works wonders for productivity.

These are all tips. Hopefully you learned some productivity tips and some time management tips. Some may be useful to you, some not so much. Find out what works for you. It’s amazing what a little planning on the weekend can do for your productivity during the week. It is your responsible on how to be productive during the week, you might as well get a head start on Sunday Night.

Leave a comment at the bottom and let us know what works well for you! We would love to hear about the tips and tricks that help keep you going through the week! If you still find that you’re having trouble managing your time and not being as productive for your business, give us a call or check out some other blog posts to see if there’s anything else that may help (I’m sure there is).

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6 Steps to Great Inbound Customer Service

6 Steps to Great Inbound Customer Service 1452 884 Adrian Lischer

How do you get people who have never used your product of service to promote your brand?

The internet is awash with information – blog posts, stats galore, etc, on how to turn your customers into brand promoters, but very little has been said about getting your leads to recommend your brand to other people.

Why? Well I’m going to tell you.

It’s all about one thing, and that’s excellent customer service. You’re welcome.

Because getting potential buyers (or influencers) to promote your product or services when they haven’t yet used it is nothing but pure lies. It is simply a fake review that could affect your brand negatively. Moral of the story, do not pay for reviews.

If you have already succeeded in captivating total strangers to the point where they are likely to buy your products, then you want to complete the cycle by getting them to buy your great product. It is only after you have turned your leads to your customers that they can become promoters of your brand.

According to the inbound methodology, you have to attract total strangers (eg, website visitors), convert them to leads, turn them into customers by closing a sale, and lastly, a delighting them – exceeding their expectations, getting them to interact with your brand and ultimately getting them to promote your brand.

So how do you pull this off?

Simple. Make your customers fall in love with you!

As you may already know; simply sending a “Thank You” email to a customer who just purchased your product will not automatically turn them to a raving fan. Instead, you have to enchant them; you have to make them fall in love with your brand.

6 tips to make them fall in love with you

Solve Your Customers’ Problems

This goes without saying, you cannot get anyone, much less your customers, to promote your business if you have a less than worthwhile product. If your products fail to solve the problem your customers initially thought it would when they so happily exchanged it for their credit card or debit, then don’t expect them to tell anyone else to buy it. A great product is the first step into turning leads to promoters.

Be Trustworthy

Don’t tell your customers they can trust you,

Show it

Be honest. A 2014 survey by Cohn and Wolfe says 91% of people care about companies communicating honestly about products and services. Be clear on what you offer and do more than your promise your customers, not less. Trust is the backbone of practicing excellent customer service.

Be Transparent

In a world of Wikileaks, it sure pays to be transparent. Find out what information your customers find valuable and care about. Take a page out of Whole Foods playbook and make it available to them.
Be True 
In a world that is connected through a plethora of social platforms, it is all too easy to want to be many things to too many people. But you don’t want to wear yourself thin. You need to be true to your brand, your mission and values. Authenticity is essential in the world of inbound marketing, and you will be rewarded for it.

Listen and Act

Never assume that you know your customers’ needs more than they do. Rather, try to listen to what your customer feels or says and act on that information in a way that your customer finds valuable. Some will say things you don’t like, but you cannot simply run or wish them away. You need to attend to customer complaints and compensate where necessary. You cannot get your existing customer to bring new buyers to you if you don’t treat them well. A disgruntled customer is bad for business.


Reward your customer
Put in place a referral program that rewards customers who send business your way. This will encourage them to spread the word about your brand. The reward can be anything from a discount to a free service. What you decide to give is your decision, but ensure it’s valuable to the customer.
There you have it. No matter whether the consumer is a lead, or a purchaser, you must treat them with the same excellent customer service that the inbound approach is predicated upon. We like to think we’re experts in the field of inbound. Give us a call and we can prove it to you.

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Tracking URL – What it is and Why you Need it

Tracking URL – What it is and Why you Need it 2074 1263 Adrian Lischer

What on earth is a tracking URL?

A tracking URL, put simply (thanks to Google) is when you’re directing traffic to a landing page from anywhere other than a call-to-action. It’s most commonly used with paid advertising campaigns such as PPC (pay-per-click) of banner ads. You can also use it for an email campaign.

What are some of the benefits? 

Tracking URL is primarily used to measure the conversion rates from visitors to customers and where clicks originate from. It will help you gain tremendous inside about your marketing campaign. The data retrieved will provide stats along the lines of the number of page visits to a site, bounce rate, demographics and much more.

We live in a world of data. Data reigns supreme. Use this data to gauge whether or not your marketing efforts are paying off and whether your digital marketing strategy is in need of a rehaul.

 How do you create one? 

How do you recognize the difference between a normal URL and a tracking URL? Let me use this example from HubSpot to help clarify.


  • Normal URL:


  • Tracking URL: 


The area that is bolded is referred to as ‘token’. A token URL simply helps to engage when you end user is engaging. Click on the link above to follow an in-depth guide as to how you can create and implement a tracking URL into your campaign. Don’t you just love HubSpot?

If you aren’t operating on HubSpot, don’t worry. You can build a tracking URL through Google’s free URL builder. You’re welcome.


Why you need a tracking URL.

Well, if you haven’t already figured it helps, it helps to aggregate data so you and your company can figure out what digital marketing strategy is working best. If you aren’t doing this, you’re not likely to improve your conversion rates.

However, there is a downfall to including such long and bulky URL’s onto each and every post you make. Especially if you want to share it. There are a few services out there that will help hide the token url and make it appear cleaner. I suggest using or the Google URL shortener.

Digital marketing is all about data. In digital marketing is all about understanding the relationship between emotion and technology. Implanting a tracking URL strategy will offer insight as to how you can leverage your data to optimize this relationship of emotion and technology.

See what’s working for you, and what isn’t. Implement a few different strategies, use some tracking URLs and find out what works best for your company and your customers.

If you don’t want to see what’s working for you, don’t worry. We can do it. It’s actually what we do best. Give us a call and we can do all the heavy lifting

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Inbound Marketing: Build It and They Will Come

Inbound Marketing: Build It and They Will Come 2074 1263 Adrian Lischer

If you build it, they will come

Ray Kinsella may not have known why he was building a baseball diamond but he knew if he built one they would come.  This is inbound marketing in a nutshell. Build something awesome that people need and they will come to you.  If you are new to the inbound marketing world, let me give you a look at the first, and most crucial step, attraction.

I would argue that the attraction stage is the most essential of the inbound marketing process.

Why you ask?

Attraction is where you grow brand awareness and establish your reputation as an industry thought leader. You are a platform for which customers can rely on receiving information. It is however important to remember, that you are not attracting just anyone, you are attracting your buyer personas. You have a particular niche, so cater your created and curated content to your specific target.

Along with being specific, you must be consistent. If you’re implementing an inbound campaign chances are results won’t show overnight. It’s not a sprint, rather a marathon. I don’t have an answer for how quickly your ROI will be evident but I do know you will reap the benefits of what you ultimately put in. It’s easy to become discouraged when all your hard works seems to go unnoticed but you’ve got to stick with it, it’ll be worth it.

3 keys to optimize attraction:

  • Blog
  • Keywords
  • Social Publishing


Blogging helps drive traffic to your website and helps covert traffic into leads. There are endless blogs about blogging so I won’t go into detail on how exactly to blog. Once you have a blog it’s imperative you know where to share it.  Wishpond  is a wonderful resource that outlines the different social platforms and the benefits of each. Once you understand the benefits of each platform you can then determine which makes the the most sense for your audience.

Keywords are what drive your awareness through search engines. The more keywords, the higher the SEO, the higher your search result on various search engines. Unfortunately, it’s not as simple and throwing in a couple words. Head over to WordStream and learn some of the basics of SEO and keywords

Now what is Social Publishing? Social publishing is an umbrella term for the management of web content. It’s about creating conversations with your target through multiple social media outlets. Facebook posts, tweets, email campaigns, comments on videos, etc. and create consistent interaction, help build brand identity and form relationships.

Have a plan

You may be eager in the beginning of your social media conquest, but we recommend taking it slow and have a written strategy. The most common mistakes are not using the appropriate social platforms and lack of consistency. Nothing screams I’ve given up, like a Facebook page that went from a post a day to a post a month.

The companies that give up on social media either try to tackle too much, or post too little. Much like traditional marketing, research is your first step. If you don’t know your customer, you can’t reach them.

Answer these questions before anything else:

  • Where are your prospects active?
  • What times they are active?
  • What content will they appreciate?


Once you know where and when your customers are active and what they find valuable all that’s left is to give it to them. Good luck!

If you are still a little confused and need help increasing your social presence, keywords, or social publishing power, give our team a call and let’s have a conversation.  Because in summation. That’s what the attraction stage is all about.

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7 Tips to Build your Email List

7 Tips to Build your Email List 2074 1263 Adrian Lischer

Offline or online, everyone aims towards staying in touch with potential buyers. How should one focus on building credibility and communication? I’ll give you one tip; try building an email-marketing list.

Building your email list is one of the most efficient and reliable marketing resources for lead generation. A valuable list goes beyond paying for it. The simple reason behind this fact is that subscribers genuinely want to hear what you have to say. They want to hear the information that only you can provide for that specific niche that they are so fond of.

What are some tips to build your email list that will skyrocket your numbers?

Here are 7 of them right now:

Offer Something Valuable

Basically, you must give something to earn something. Simple physics really (I was never good at science). That means you have to offer your subscribers something useful, so that they don’t mind receiving emails from you. I mean, I don’t give my email out to just anyone. There is a very special place in my heart for those companies I do give it out to (GAP, Bath and Body Works).

In order to get that initial email exchange, you need to know what your potential buyers would want to receive or share. You have a niche, they need that niche. The value just doesn’t stop there though. Through an effective email list, you can motivate, and continuously communicate with your buyers so you can satisfy all of their needs. Don’t just sell; be sincere. Show your clients your care; it will do wonders in creating a company value.

Design Your Sign Up Form Carefully

No one is going to give out their information if they only read a boring “Sign up with us!” . Am I wrong? No, I am not. You have to pay attention to every single detail of the sign up form. The proof is in the pudding (I think that works for this). Start with something captivating, like a catchy message that will include satisfying on their needs. Another important thing is asking only for the necessary information and nothing more. Two necessary components should be an email (obviously) and the individual’s name. If you need help designing a sign up page, check out this page by Neil Patel for some good ideas, he knows what he’s doing.

Show Samples Of Your Valuable Content

If you’re targeting your specific buyer personas correctly, you will have limited trouble developing an email list. However, for the rest of the potential buyers that are still not convinced, provide samples of the valuable content. Examples could include an eBook with registration, or a 15% off your first purchase. Add value.

Value is where both parties leave the transaction happy. Your company is more than just a product. You have a niche that serves a particular interest. Great. But how does this add value to your prospective clients? Make sure to make this evident in every email, blog and social post you create.

Include A Call To Action

A call to action, otherwise known as a CTA, is an instruction to the audience to provoke an immediate response (thank you Google). You ever see a ‘call now’ or a ‘learn how’ at the bottom of a page? Those are call to actions.

The point of a call to action is almost as a reminder. It’s a challenge to the reader for them to make the most of this opportunity so they do not miss out.

Social Proof As An Email Builder

Everyone wants to blend in, for some reason uniformity is embedded into human nature. So brag about how many subscribers you have. This way, when people see how many fans you have, they will think that they are missing out on crucial information. Everyone wants to have a seat at the table. You have great content (I would hope so at least) so brag about it.

Hold A Webinar 

Webinars are a great way of drawing people in. It is a way to feel that something is real, almost as if you are giving a face to the product (make sure to take care of yourself beforehand). When hosting a webinar, the most significant marketing tactic is starting with the promotion as early as you can. This way, you will reach a larger audience. Check out this link to see how exactly you can create a webinar invitation.

If You Haven’t Already, Start Guest Posting 

Guest posting is immensely crucial to your content strategy. You can either guest post or take a more content-curated approach. This is a way to expand your niche with industry thought leaders. Sometimes it’s refreshing for your buyer personas to hear a different view on a topic they love. I mean, they clearly value what you are selling, but why not throw in some content from another renowned source?

These are 7 crucial tips to help you build your email list. Even if you only use one of them (I hope you use more than one) you will gain some traffic. If you’re still having some trouble making a gameplan to develop lead generation through a stellar email list, don’t sweat it! That is what we do. Quite well I might add. Give us a call and let’s fix that.

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Using SEO to find your Mr. or Mrs. Right Consumer

Using SEO to find your Mr. or Mrs. Right Consumer 2074 1263 Adrian Lischer

Building a foundation for your business is a lot like online dating.

Come again?

Now hear me out. When you start your business, you are providing a service to a particular niche. When you are searching for Mr. or Mrs. right, you already have a preconceived notion of how you would like your ideal partner to be. This preconceived notion is whom you are targeting with your niche. These ideal partners are your future consumer base.

Make sense so far, no?

Now comes the hard part. How are we going to get them to fall head over heels for your niche? First and foremost, you need to get that initial traffic, you have spent countless hours upgrading your website to make it as aesthetic, informative and educational as possible. There is nothing standing in the way between you and your perfect consumer. Except for the fact that you have no idea how to get them to your website. In an online community that is overly crowded, how are you going to stand out?

By mastering your SEO.

If you are not familiar with the term, SEO stands for search engine optimization. Your goal is to have search engines find your site and rank your relevance so that it appears at the top of a search engine result. It is a continuous process, which requires maintenance, testing and monitoring. Just like the perfect relationship (if there ever was such a thing), perfecting an SEO will take a lot of work.

Here are 5 tips as to how to optimize your search for your perfect consumer: 

TIP 1: Increase Website Usability 

Website usability is a term that I came across when reading an article written by Jeff Bullas. It’s a term that outlines 5 key points:

  • Effectiveness
  • Efficiency
  • Learnability
  • Memorability
  • Error Prevention


Check out his piece on how to maximize these in order to increase your SEO.

TIP 2: Outbound Links

Outbound links are meant for sharing remarkable content. Send your perfect consumer to a great article that you read, or something you find interesting. Chances are, if they are your Mr. or Mrs. Right Consumer, they will share similar interests. Plus, a study conducted by Reboot shows that there’s a positive correlation between outgoing links and its search rankings.

TIP 3: Keywords

Keywords help increase your relevance in search optimization. However, do not put all of your time into maximizing keywords. Make sure your content is valuable. You want to offer value to your consumers when they get on your website, because search engines not only rate keywords, but also how long these visitors stay on your page, how quick they leave and how many pages are viewed.

TIP 4: Create Valuable Content 

This is self explanatory. Imagine you’re sitting across the dinner table from your Mr. or Mrs. Right. You would hope (or at least, I hope you would) that the conversation would offer value. You want to learn about them, their interests, fears, passions and goals. The list goes on. You would aim to learn something, so you left with more than just a hit to your bank account. Use your niche to create or curate valuable content that will ultimately intrigue your Mr. or Mrs. Right Consumer.

We’re not asking you to bend over backwards. Just be honest. Honesty is the most valuable currency any agency can use these days.

TIP 5: Strategically Navigate Your Site

Lastly, make sure your website is navigable. You want your website to be intuitive. This means that the visitor will know where to go, and how to get there. The last thing you want is for your website to be a frustrating labyrinth. Check out this article by InstantShift that outlines how to make your website more intuitive.


The perfect relationship is hard work. It is time intensive, and full of heartache, heart break and sorrow. Yes, we are still talking about your search for Mr. or Mrs. Right Consumer. Take these tips, and implement them into action. Nothing worth working for comes easy.

Listen, we’re no dating experts (as much as we would like to think we are), but we are digital marketing experts. Let’s talk and see if we can help you find your perfect consumer.

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How to Optimize your Landing Page for SEO

How to Optimize your Landing Page for SEO 2074 1263 Adrian Lischer

How to optimize your landing page for seo

A landing page simply refers to a section of a website (usually the homepage) that you are sent to after clicking on a hyperlink from another webpage.

When it comes to getting maximum lead generation from SEO, implementing a few SEO strategies on your landing pages are a great option to achieve this target. A well-made landing page will drive new leads to your site each month. Many potential prospects out there are looking for items or services that one might render.

What are the essential components of a landing page that be bolstered by SEO? Well let me tell you.

The Page Title

Simple enough right? You would think so, but the page title is a crucial element of your SEO. It pays to be accurate, HubSpot found a study that showcased how headlines with clarification performed 38% better than those without, it was study of over 3.3 million paid link headlines. I’d say that’s reliable.

You need to make sure that the content of your article, is clarified using the same keywords in your title. It should be kept short and include high-quality keywords. The aim of structuring an ideal page title is to rank well within branded searches. Focus in on your keywords, and don’t be over the top. The customer is looking for something, might as well make it easy on them.

The Landing Page URL

The landing page URL is another crucial element of improving your SEO. This will help spiders find your content.

When creating the URL for your landing page, throw in high quality keywords that match the page title, and the content that is on the landing page. Consistency is essential when optimizing for SEO. A great tip I have come to utilize when creating URLs for various landing pages would be to create URLs for search engines & people. I got the tip from a great article on Landerapp.

The Headline Tag

Just like a good article, the headline can be one of the most captivating points of your content. It should be information reach, easy to clarify and the customer should know exactly what content to expect.

The headline tag is also referred to as the ‘H1’ tag. The importance of H1 is that it does not only help your SEO, but also makes it easier for the visitor on your page to scan the content. It will also help Google understand your content as well. There should never be more than one H1 tag on a page. Search engines will recognize this and began to diminish your ranking. Make sure there are quality keywords in your H1 tag and they reflect the content that is about to follow.

Link Building

Another large part of a particular landing page’s authority is predicated upon off-page sources. What does this mean? It means you need to have high quality outbound links, as well as high quality inbound links.

If you type the term ‘outbound links seo’ on Google, you will find that the first result is a quoted study that shows a positive correlation between a page’s outgoing links and its search rankings. Reboot (firm that conducted the study) hypothesized that Google can determine the authority of a page or website based on what other authority sources it associates itself with. It’s kind of like that saying where you are a reflection of your 5 closest friends. Except in this case, it’s your closest authority outbound links.

Inbound links are also referred to as backlinks. This is what constitutes you as an authority figure. The more backlinks you have, the higher your authority and relevance. Google can’t tell me how relevant I am, but it can definitely tell me how relevant my website is.

I would suggest that you close this article right now and begin implementing these strategies for yourself immediately.

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