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Data Janitors: Handling Negative Comments on Social

Data Janitors: Handling Negative Comments on Social 1452 884 Mike Arsenault

Social media isn’t all rainbows and butterflies. Social gives consumers the opportunity to communicate their love for your brand with a quick wiggle of their thumbs but it also allows them to voice disappointments just as easily

Your customer expected an experience with your brand, you dropped the ball, the experience was disappointing and the client is upset. Your Facebook wall/Twitter/etc. is now the proud owner of a negative review. Mistakes happen, a miscommunication led to a major screw up and regardless of how it went down you need to handle it and handle it quickly. Here are some tips that will help you increase your social media monitoring capabilities.

Practice your listening skills

We all know what it’s like banging our heads against the wall arguing with someone who isn’t listening. Or even worse receiving and apology followed by a “but”. Don’t be that guy. People voice their opinions, positive and negative because they want to be heard. This is the time you need to listen and listen well. What are these person actually saying, what is their concern and what is he/she looking for?

Be sincere and apologize

Blanket style “We are so sorry about your experience, we will try to do better” apologies may have worked in the past but in 2016 anyone over the age of 5 can tell how disingenuous you sound. Not only does this look lazy on your part but it shows your customers you don’t care about the quality of service you provide.

Offer a solution to the problem your client has expressed. If the issue is complicated it’s best to move the communication from social media to private message, email or telephone.

Be quick, like really quick

The digital world is a savage place full of maddening expectations. Consumers often expect a response to a complaint within an hour regardless of the day or time. Good news is consumers are highly responsive to quick responses and often time will spread the word about how awesome your brand handled the situation. Have you ever seen the Taco Bell War Room? Give it a google, I’ll be patient… this is a room comprised of what academics like to call ‘Data Janitors’. They handle every post, negative or positive, from every pleased customer to each internet troll out there. They are a group of individuals dedicated to superior social media monitoring of your social media comments.

Never delete legitimate posts

You can’t ignore customer complaints and hope they just go away. When you ignore people and in this case delete their concerns without even addressing them, you feed the anger. In addition to angering an already upset customer, deleting comments makes you look fake. The digital world praises transparency in brands, be honest, making mistakes its part of being real as long as you handle it properly.

Use humour carefully

We’ve seen many examples of brands countering costumer complaints with a perfectly timed witty response. When executed properly this type of response can win lots of brownie points. Used in the wrong setting it can discount your clients concerns and hurt your brand image.

Watch for Trolls

Occasionally you will be attacked by the mysterious trolls of the interweb. There is nothing worse than an internet troll. If there is no legitimacy to the post and it is clearly not relevant you can remove them. With time you will be able to spot a troll instantly.

Are you having troubles finding the right tools or strategizing for your social media monitoring plan? Give us a call. It’s kind of what we do. We dislike internet trolls as much as the next person. We know how to handle them, we’ve been dealing with them for quite some time now. They really aren’t as scary as it seems. They are just individuals wanting to be heard (at least that’s what we tell ourselves).

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5 Simple Tips & Tricks To Help You Gain Social Traffic

5 Simple Tips & Tricks To Help You Gain Social Traffic 2074 1263 Mike Arsenault

Social media can be tough. Growing your accounts, whether they are personal or business is hard work. We here at Up Agency have compiled a list of simple things to do to grow your social accounts. Follow these few easy guidelines and your social accounts will be booming in no time.

Know Your Target

Knowing your target is quintessential to growing your traffic. Having a basic understanding of their likes, dislikes and general hobbies will help you greatly in gaining an influx of consumers. But first, how do you understand your audience? By tracking the data, of course. Using a social media analytics tool such as Sprout Social you will be able to determine the habits of your target, well at least the social ones, not the secret gross ones. Once you understand who your audience is, it becomes ultimately easier to connect with them on a more personal level.


Don’t Post At Irrelevant Times

From your gathered data it should be fairly simple to know the appropriate time to post. But just in case you still don’t know there are resources out there to help. Sites such as kissmetrics, Hootsuite and Hubspot all have posting schedules to help you find the best times for you to gain a wider audience reach. Once you think you’ve found the perfect time to post, give it a test run to find what works for you.


Grow Traffic with Social Proof

First, what is social proof? Well, it’s the notion that people will follow the action of the masses. It basically is showing people your product and why others like it therefore they should like it too. Below are a few simple tips on how to grow your social proof.

  • Customer testimonials: 92% if users are more likely to trust non-paid recommendations
  • Influencers: 49% of users rely on the recommendation of an influencer
  • Social Shares: if done properly it can create a herd like mentality


Use Personality

Giving your brand a voice and personality is one of the most painless ways for gaining traffic. Consumers find it easy to connect with something that has a more human like aspect to it as opposed to those who don’t. Don’t be afraid to engage with your audience, as it gives your brand more of a voice. And laughter is key when it comes to creating a brand personality, if you can make your consumers smile or laugh while interacting with you, you’ve won them over. Being honest and having fun are the two most important things to remember when developing your brand’s personality. Just remember to stay true to your brand’s message throughout all of the interactions you have with your audience.

Social Influencers Can Be a BIG Help

Humans are more likely to judge something based on the opinion of someone else. When choosing an influencer you must always ask the question “what influence would share this? It’s important to remember that they must be relevant to the brand of your industry. You must also make sure that they have a highly engaged social following, if you get someone who doesn’t and they retweet your tweet, it’s good but not as great as it can be. ”   

Screen-Shot-2016-03-02-at-1.59.54-PM-compressor (1).png

So there you have it folks, some simple ways to help increase your social traffic. For more tips and tricks check out the insane rule of thirds to help gain more followers. Leave a comment below to let us know of the ways you use to increase your social traffic.

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1 Insane Social Media Rule Of Thirds To Get More Followers

1 Insane Social Media Rule Of Thirds To Get More Followers 2074 1263 Mike Arsenault

Social media professionals and content creators are not following one simple rule that will help them get significantly more engagement on their social profiles. The social media rule of thirds.

My name is Adrian, a social media professional and founder of UP Agency, we manage the social communities of many companies here in Canada. I want to share with you the one insane rule we follow to ensure we’re getting the maximum return from our social media efforts.

As Hootsuite mentioned in their comprehensive article on social media’s rule of thirds; “It’s tempting for businesses to exclusively share their content to drive sales or marketing, neglecting authentic engagement. It takes discipline to share content from like-minded businesses or industry thought leaders.

They’re right. As social media professionals we need to start giving more value to a community before asking them for something in exchange. The Chicago Tribune in their article put it best: by putting the rule of thirds into practice, social media can be a far richer, more satisfying experience.

So what is it? What is the social media rule of thirds? It’s a simple rule that follows a simple guideline. One-third of the content you post should be brand related, one-third should be industry related, and one-third should be personal. Let’s break these down:

– 1/3 BRAND

Constantly driving to your own content is a turn off for your social audience. Like a huge turn off. Like late on a first date without a courtesy call turn off. That’s why only 1/3 of your posted content should drive to your own content. Whether it’s blog posts, sign up posts, or simple showboating, it should be limited to only a 1/3 of posts. Anymore and you’ll start losing followers quick. You need to give your followers something of value, something that will keep them engaged with your brand after they’ve done business with you. Which leads to the next social media rule of thirds.


It might be had to digest, but you should be sharing content posted by other businesses. It shows YOUR audience that you know the industry like the back of your hand, that you’re connected and aware of what going on around you, and that you’re not blind to the fact that there is indeed competition. But mostly, it shows that you’re collaborative and an industry team player.

One great example of brands collaborating together to increase their exposure is with @TescoMobile, @YorkshireTea, @RealJaffaCakes, @CadburyUK… the list goes on. Tapping into a customer conversation with Tesco Mobile, each of these businesses exploded in growth thanks to their more fun, collaborative sides.


Please understand this clearly. It does NOT mean posting pictures of your night out at the bar, or your friend with his tie around his forehead. But it does mean company culture. Community events and it could mean Monday motivation or weekend inspiration. You want your audience to know there’s a human behind your social profile. Ask them what they have planned for the weekend. Post a picture of the beautiful afternoon at your office. Whatever you choose, keep it light.

Now that you have this golden goose, go and implement the social media rule of thirds into your social strategy. Right now. You’ll be happy you did. By following the rule of thirds you’ll see a great increase in the engagement on your social posts. So don’t wait, create one post right now for each category!

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4 Tips for the Perfect Facebook Post

4 Tips for the Perfect Facebook Post 2074 1263 Adrian Lischer
 How often do you find your Facebook posts in the News Feed? Chances are very slim that the answer is an often (or ever). This is because it is almost back-breakingly difficult if not outright impossible to predict whether or not your post will make it in the front page of just about anything. There are simply too many factors and too much competition to feel even the slightest bit confident that your post will be getting anywhere other than your own wall. Unless you craft the perfect Facebook post.

Thanks to TrackMaven’s analysis of more than a whopping 1.5 million pieces of Facebook content all throughout 6,000 overall pages, the anatomy of a perfect Facebook post is now possible to dissect.

So what does a perfect Facebook post consist of?


It’s true that what really matters in the perfect Facebook post is the content, but length is pretty important too. A Buddy Media study of 100 top on Facebook found that 40 characters or fewer receives a higher Like and Comment rate – in other words more engagement. Don’t believe us? Just look at the fancy official looking graph below.


When I say after-hours, it goes from five o’clock PM all the way to one o’clock AM EST. This might seem obvious, but most people during working hours just so happen to be working, which means that your post no matter how perfect will receive less attention than if you had posted it after-hours. The perfect Facebook post has ideal timing as well. Just check out this info-graphic made my Hubspot and TrackMaven below:


When you think about it, it does make sense that questions are given more attention and that’s mainly because it gives others a chance at answering that particular question. However, despite the fact that this should be an obvious fact it can be difficult to notice. Fortunately, the analysis shows twenty-three percent more interaction with questions, which is more than enough proof.


Some people who dislike this new trend might start moaning, but the analysis shows a sixty percent rise in interactions if there are hashtags in a post. New trends often bring about this kind of attention, and the numbers definitely do not lie.


Hopefully these best practices for the perfect post has given you some ideas on what to test with your marketing strategy.

  • Do you get more engagement when you share an optimized link or a photo?
  • What is your perfect Facebook post character count?
  • Can you get more reach by posting at night and on the weekends?
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How to exploit your fur babies for social media likes

How to exploit your fur babies for social media likes 2074 1263 Mike Arsenault

7.5 million houses in Canada are home to furry critters; we consider these creatures vital members of our family. Our four legged friends are our children. They wake us up, they whine when they want food, they’re attention whores; convinced they’re human members of our clan.

As brands our goal on social media is to be human, to show our fans there is in fact a real person behind the screen. Perhaps a person with an adorable wiener dog who’s just as much a part of the brand team as everyone else. It’s time to let that little guy shine. We grantee your followers will love him just as much as you do and it will get more likes.

Little floofs are the stars of the Internet. Let’s leverage their charisma to win over more fans and gain more likes.

Find ways to incorporate your pals into posts in a way that’s not only adorable, but encourages engagement with your followers. Asking questions and pairing pets with contests is great way to start a conversation. Getting your hands of photos of your fan’s little hairballs is also highly recommended.

Last, but certainly not least, you want to be able to exploit your fur babies, but make them proud, ensure they all well-groomed. Then, you’re ready to upload your posts and start raking in the likes. Look at the examples below and let us in the comments or on social media which is your favourite!

Don’t have time to exploit your fur babies for social media likes and stardom? We can help. As content marketing consultants and pet lovers, we’ve led many social media campaigns, specializing in engagement growth. If you’re seeking social media marketing help as the holiday season approaches, contact us for an expert take on holiday social media campaigns.

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4 Social Media Sites Small Businesses Need To Be Using In 2016

4 Social Media Sites Small Businesses Need To Be Using In 2016 2074 1263 Adrian Lischer

We’ve narrowed down the top 4 social media sites that small business owners need to be using in 2016 because we believe that every small business needs to have a media presence to really grow.

However, we understand that there’s something exhausting about needing to manage multiple social media sites as a small business owner — especially when you’re busy trying to run your business.

Social Media

That is precisely the reason why we’ve narrowed down the following 4 social media sites small business owners need to be using in 2016 — They manage to cover all the best aspects of social media for small businesses and maximize your social effort without exhausting yourself.

  1. Facebook

Whether you’re a local flower shop with a Facebook page already and trying to grow your following or repairing antique clocks you need to have a Facebook page. It’s the world’s largest social media site and the most active. Facebook pages allow you to connect with your community and customers in a way they’re familiar with. Additionally, the FREE insights tool offered by Facebook can give your business unbelievable insights into how customers see your business. A Facebook page is our number 1 suggestion on how to grow the awareness of your business rapidly.

  1. Twitter

Twitter is a great way to keep in touch with customers and look for new potential customers. Twitter exists as an open social media site. This means that you can reach out to people that you’re not “friends” with yet, unlike Facebook where you can only really communicate with people that have liked your page. You can follow activities that are happening around your industry and in your local community. Lastly, Twitter is a great way to keep on top of what your competitors are doing and the offers they’re promoting. Twitter is the cocktail party of social media sites, get in there, meet new people, and turn them into customers.

  1. Instagram

Instagram is an extremely popular social media site right now, and you don’t have to have a gourmet cake shop or boutique clothing store to make the most of it. People are also interested to know that there is a human being social media accounts. Show off your company culture, a special event, a big sale, a new shipment of antique clock parts, or a new piece of jewelry.

  1. Google+

Having a Google+ page is very important if you’re a local business that has your customers coming to you (ex. a retail store). First a Google+ page helps with SEO and Google just likes it when you use their own social media site. The next (and probably most important) reason is because of Google+ Local Listing Page. This is what will allow your business to show up in the map on search results and showcase your reviews. Lastly, Google reviews. It’s very important to have Google reviews, and manage them. If your customers are searching for a flower shop in their local area, they’re going to pay more attention to the listing that has a 5 star review.

Well there you have it, the most important social media sites for small business owners in 2016. Implement these sites TODAY and witness your business grow right before your eyes. Once you’ve setup the above social media sites be sure to click here to download our FREE eBook on social media best practices!

Do you have any others to add? Let us know in the comments.