6 Steps to Great Inbound Customer Service

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6 Steps to Great Inbound Customer Service

6 Steps to Great Inbound Customer Service 1452 884 Adrian Lischer

How do you get people who have never used your product of service to promote your brand?

The internet is awash with information – blog posts, stats galore, etc, on how to turn your customers into brand promoters, but very little has been said about getting your leads to recommend your brand to other people.

Why? Well I’m going to tell you.

It’s all about one thing, and that’s excellent customer service. You’re welcome.

Because getting potential buyers (or influencers) to promote your product or services when they haven’t yet used it is nothing but pure lies. It is simply a fake review that could affect your brand negatively. Moral of the story, do not pay for reviews.

If you have already succeeded in captivating total strangers to the point where they are likely to buy your products, then you want to complete the cycle by getting them to buy your great product. It is only after you have turned your leads to your customers that they can become promoters of your brand.

According to the inbound methodology, you have to attract total strangers (eg, website visitors), convert them to leads, turn them into customers by closing a sale, and lastly, a delighting them – exceeding their expectations, getting them to interact with your brand and ultimately getting them to promote your brand.

So how do you pull this off?

Simple. Make your customers fall in love with you!

As you may already know; simply sending a “Thank You” email to a customer who just purchased your product will not automatically turn them to a raving fan. Instead, you have to enchant them; you have to make them fall in love with your brand.

6 tips to make them fall in love with you

Solve Your Customers’ Problems

This goes without saying, you cannot get anyone, much less your customers, to promote your business if you have a less than worthwhile product. If your products fail to solve the problem your customers initially thought it would when they so happily exchanged it for their credit card or debit, then don’t expect them to tell anyone else to buy it. A great product is the first step into turning leads to promoters.

Be Trustworthy

Don’t tell your customers they can trust you,

Show it

Be honest. A 2014 survey by Cohn and Wolfe says 91% of people care about companies communicating honestly about products and services. Be clear on what you offer and do more than your promise your customers, not less. Trust is the backbone of practicing excellent customer service.

Be Transparent

In a world of Wikileaks, it sure pays to be transparent. Find out what information your customers find valuable and care about. Take a page out of Whole Foods playbook and make it available to them.
Be True 
In a world that is connected through a plethora of social platforms, it is all too easy to want to be many things to too many people. But you don’t want to wear yourself thin. You need to be true to your brand, your mission and values. Authenticity is essential in the world of inbound marketing, and you will be rewarded for it.

Listen and Act

Never assume that you know your customers’ needs more than they do. Rather, try to listen to what your customer feels or says and act on that information in a way that your customer finds valuable. Some will say things you don’t like, but you cannot simply run or wish them away. You need to attend to customer complaints and compensate where necessary. You cannot get your existing customer to bring new buyers to you if you don’t treat them well. A disgruntled customer is bad for business.


Reward your customer
Put in place a referral program that rewards customers who send business your way. This will encourage them to spread the word about your brand. The reward can be anything from a discount to a free service. What you decide to give is your decision, but ensure it’s valuable to the customer.
There you have it. No matter whether the consumer is a lead, or a purchaser, you must treat them with the same excellent customer service that the inbound approach is predicated upon. We like to think we’re experts in the field of inbound. Give us a call and we can prove it to you.

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