5 Things you Need to know about Marketing to Millennial Moms

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5 Things you Need to know about Marketing to Millennial Moms

5 Things you Need to know about Marketing to Millennial Moms 1244 758 Mike Arsenault

Women still control the majority of the purchases in the home but don’t be fooled; millennial moms aren’t the same as the moms of the past. Make sure your company is using digital marketing to direct marketing strategy for these millennial moms the right way.

She’s techy

It’s not 1980, these women know how to use a computer, and they grew up with technology. Try and find a millennial mom without a smartphone… You probably can’t. 94% of millennial mothers currently have a smartphone in Canada and an additional 51% also have a tablet. These mommas have numerous social media accounts and spend over 2 hours a day on their phones alone.

She never leaves her phone at home

Millennial moms will use every tool available to ensure they’re making the right choice. She scours Pinterest for recipes, texts photos to her friends, hunts for better prices and reads reviews all before heading to the check out. She doesn’t have time between cooking and taking Timmy to T-ball to return products that weren’t good enough. Have a good marketing strategy so you can always be one step behind these millennial moms. Let’s face it; moms are always one step ahead.

The Internet is her Mommy group

When women entered motherhood back in the day, friends, family and new mom groups were the ultimate source of advice and recommendations. That hasn’t changed for millennial moms, but the mommy group just got a whole lot bigger…like the whole world bigger. There are endless resources online and Millennial Moms are taking advantage. They are their own digital marketing strategists, so be wary and tready very carefully in your direct marketing tactics for these millennial moms.

She’s very vocal

Millennial moms are in a constant conversation about what to buy in person and online. What soap is safest for baby, what yoga pants can take a beating, what can you do with chicken for the 6th time in a week. The average millennial mom is asked for product recommendations 9.6 times a month and will make product suggestions 10.4 times a month voluntarily. If something works for her, she’s going to talk about it.

She’s not Mrs. Perfect and she’s cool with it

The “SuperMom” kick was fun in theory. Giving mom credit for doing all the awesome stuff she does was a great idea. But, what it over looked was how bad it made women feel when they were tired or really just didn’t want to “do it all”.

Millennial moms are not letting Motherhood define them; they’re taking time for themselves and enjoying some freedom. The persona of the “mom” consumer is the same in many ways but vastly different in others. Talk to her like shes a mom of the 80s and she won’t hear you. Get it right, she’ll love you and the world will know.

Where would we be if it weren’t for our mothers? All those back to school deals and all that meticulous scouring through flyers to find the best deals, Coupon crusaders (you’re welcome Marvel). We may not be millennial moms, but we can definitely try our best to make sure you’re marketing strategy is only one step behind them. Let’s talk and see if we can make something happen, I mean we’ll never be moms – but we can try our best to help them in their scouring.

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