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4 Tips to increase your productivity during the week.

4 Tips to increase your productivity during the week. 2074 1263 Adrian Lischer

It’s the morning, you just got to the office, you’re not into it and you’re already procrastinating by checking Facebook, chatting with colleges or reading articles like this one. Maybe you had a rough night loosing in fantasy football, maybe you started your morning stepping on legos and running over your garbage can (we’ve all been there). It happens to the best of us but we can’t let a crappy Sunday night or Monday morning predicate the tone for the rest of the week.

I hate to say it, but your week doesn’t actually start Monday morning, it starts Sunday night. Yes, it’s true we can’t necessarily predict a Lego incident but we can do our best to minimize morning annoyances by organizing ourselves. Take time on Sunday to plan your week, the effort will be totally worth it. Waking up on a Monday morning to a pre-planned outfit and a healthy prepare lunch is enough to give yourself a better start.  These are simple productivity tips that will not only help you organize, but give you piece of mind.

These 4 things will turn chaos into a well-oiled machine:

  • Reflect on last week
  • Make a To-Do list for this week
  • Plan time to relax
  • Prep for your week (food, clothes, driving arrangements ect.)


Reflecting on what you accomplished last week will offer a sense of fulfillment. It’s okay to feel good about what you’ve done, even if you’re the only one who’s acknowledging these feats. On the flip side if you had a sub par week think about what you can do to make sure this week is more successful.

I am about to contradict myself here, but stop trying to find your Monday motivation through articles like this. The time you spend scouring the web for motivational pieces could be spent investing in yourself.

2 tips that work for me:

The best part of a whiteboard is it’s easy to change. It’s a calendar, a to-do list and goal setter all in one. I invested in a whiteboard in my final year of University to help me keep track of assignments, important dates and personal goals I wanted to achieve throughout the year. I ended up finishing in the top 15% of my graduating class. Is this is a coincidence? Purchase one and find out for yourself.


Meditation and reading is time invested in yourself. Use these opportunities as downtime, get into your zen space, and forget about your responsibilities. Adding personal leisure into your schedule works wonders for productivity.

These are all tips. Hopefully you learned some productivity tips and some time management tips. Some may be useful to you, some not so much. Find out what works for you. It’s amazing what a little planning on the weekend can do for your productivity during the week. It is your responsible on how to be productive during the week, you might as well get a head start on Sunday Night.

Leave a comment at the bottom and let us know what works well for you! We would love to hear about the tips and tricks that help keep you going through the week! If you still find that you’re having trouble managing your time and not being as productive for your business, give us a call or check out some other blog posts to see if there’s anything else that may help (I’m sure there is).

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How-To Avoid Information Overload

How-To Avoid Information Overload 2074 1263 Mike Arsenault

I’m busy, you’re busy, everyone is busy. We are over stimulated, overloaded and distracted. How are we expected to digest and retain everything we’re bombarded with in a day? Information, numbers, calendars, emails, the list goes on and on. We’re trying to do more, learn more and constantly force ourselves to be creative and produce compelling content.

We’re the ones behind the scenes. Crafting copy and strategizing how to best attack the market and monetize our hard work. If we’re daunted by information overload and struggling to keep up with life is our creativity suffering?

Honestly, I know at times I feel like I’m on autopilot and not even Tesla autopilot, because that actually works. In a world where information is free and accessible is seems careless to power off and take a break from learning but there’s a point when our brains are screaming for some downtime. Keep reading (I know, it’s just more information to add on) for some time management skills.


What are some signs you need a break?

If you’re replying to emails on the porcelain throne, you’re doing too much. You can’t take a few minutes to use the washroom in peace, this is a red flag and it’s also gross. If you can’t remember the last time you had some time for yourself, or a good night out with friends, you need a break. There’s no way you’re creating your best work if you can’t recall the last time you were able to relax. Give this article by Lifehack a read. My guess is that if you can check off 6 of the 10 signs, you may need a break. Life is all about time management, learn it.


Why do you need to escape?

You’re a human being. We aren’t wired to operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Doing the same task repeatedly, no matter how much you love it, will inevitably result in resenting a job you once enjoying doing. An escape doesn’t have to mean a vacation it can be much simpler. Maybe try something new to break the monotony. BuckitLife is a great company that’s all for exploring new adventures. Think of them as the AirBnB of thrill seekers.

My biggest motivation for taking well-deserved breaks and working on my time management skills was a result of wanting to spend more time with my family. I was working 9-hour days, coming home and locking myself in a cave to continue writing till bedtime. The quality of my work was slipping, I hated it and I never saw my family. It was loose-loose. Oh yeah, if you’re wondering – I took my laptop to the washroom consistently.


How to take a break?

If you type in ‘How to take a break’ in Google – you will find countless articles related to precisely that. One I found to be of significant help was Forbes ’10 Steps To Conquering Information Overload’. The two most effective tips I took from this article were:

  • Don’t Multitask
  • Clump similar tasks together


You are most efficient when you are working on one thing at a time. It sounds counter intuitive when we’ve been trained to multitask but it can help ease the burden of information overload and increase productivity big time.


What now?

We don’t all have the luxury of taking vacation so if you’re one of those lucky people who have a bank of days you never take, now is the time. If you’re not so lucky you need to make time for mini breaks, go to a yoga class after work, try something new and exciting on the weekend. Force yourself to take a break from the information universe, you’ll be much more productive after a little me time. Constantly learning is important, but learning about yourself is just as crucial to your success in life.


We’d love to hear how you find brain relief. Let us know in the comments. If you feel bombarded my information overload, and need to reassess some time management skills, give us a call, I’m certain we can help, we do some of our best work on the porcelain throne.