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Instagram Tips for Beautifying You Feed

Instagram Tips for Beautifying You Feed 2074 1263 Adrian Lischer

Want more followers? Try polishing up your personal Instagram aesthetic. While your personal Insta may look perfect as a jumbled mess of love, the same cannot be said for a professional account. There are a number of elements that all need to be taken into account with every post. All it takes in one ill-fitting photo to throw your theme off. Here are some Instagram tips on creating a stellar Instagram feed.

Take Instagram worthy photos

First off, there are no concrete rules but when in doubt: Shoot from above, use natural light and avoid clutter. Let items hang outside the frame, this looks much more natural. Instagram loves white space!


Do you want a warm and cozy Instagram theme? How about minimalist and fresh? Colour and overall tone of your images will affect the way your photos feel. Pick a tone and stick with it. Also consider the saturation of colour. Do you want your theme to be bright and playful or muted and soft?

Notice the very obvious colour themes in these 4 accounts:


If you’re going to use filters, and we hope that you do, make sure to use the same filter consistently. Much like colour and tone, it is important to keep the same feel throughout the feed. It’s more pleasing to the eye and creates a nice flow.

Use more tools

Photo editing apps are key. Some Instgramers will use more than one app for a single photo. Also, don’t forget, you can access Instagram from your computer so if you have an incredible camera, use it.

A few of our favs:

Snapspeed (Powerful editing and filters)
VSCO (Custom exposure, perfect for low light)
BLACK (B+W, editing capabilities)
Hyperlapse (Slow from 1x to 12x speed, stabilization for video)
Boomerang (Fun looping videos)
Perfect365 (For the selfie queen, beauty enhancer)
PicStitch (Collages)

If it doesn’t fit, don’t post it

At some point you will take a really amazing photo and you’ll want to add it to your Instagram but something will feel off. If it doesn’t fit the overall aesthetic of the feed, don’t post it. It will stick out and ruin the flow. Save it for Twitter or Facebook.

Did we manage to help a little bit? Of course we did. You have just gained some insightful Instagram tips on your path to learning how to use Instagram for your professional business. If you’re still having trouble, give us a call. I mean, we’re no nail salon or barbershop, but we know our way around an Instagram.