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What is the Difference Between Sleazy and Sincere sales?

What is the Difference Between Sleazy and Sincere sales? 2074 1263 Mike Arsenault

As someone with a long history in retail, I’ve had to do my fair share of sales. Can you guess what my most hated term is? It’s a real shocker, “upselling“. I can’t stand the word and all the cringe worthy feelings I associate with it.

I often worked in areas where it was clear my clients could not afford more than they originally set out to purchase. Something about upselling and convincing someone to buy a shoe protector, or 2 for 1 BOGO socks didn’t exactly sit right with me. Knowing that it was me pressuring the customer and not trying to fulfill their needs felt dishonest. Maybe my stats weren’t the best; maybe I didn’t have the best IPS or IPT’s (items per sale / transaction). But I did excel at one facet that never showed up on a spreadsheet but was beneficial in the long run, trust.

Relationship Building

In the world of digital marketing, trust is essential. Relationship building is at the core of all digital strategies. I think I was onto this when I began my retail experience in high school not even realizing I was developing a skill. I’ve been told I have a knack for sales, but I would have to disagree, I think I have a knack for connecting with people.

Here’s the issue. When it comes to a career, you have to do whatever it takes to hit quota. If the pressure is on you, you’ll put pressure on clients. One or two upsells probably won’t affect how you sleep at night, but if you find yourself feeling guilt often, maybe it’s time to try something different. A transaction is simply a connection between a human with a need and human who can fill that need. Let me just ask you this question:

Would you not want to be treated with dignity and respect if you were the one making the purchase?

Have you ever made a purchase and instantly felt regret? You don’t actually like what you’ve bought, maybe so much so that you return it. You were probably a victim of sleazy sales.

How do you recognize sleazy sales?

Talking about why your price is better than competitors
Fitting customers into stereotypes or general buyers personas
Neglecting the consumers’ needs

What my managers failed to recognize was that upselling doesn’t always have to take place in the same transaction. Building trust is what brings the customers back. Experience is everything. Would you rather go to a 5 star restaurant with crappy service, or a 3 star restaurant where you feel at home? It’s a pretty easy answer.

The 3 C’s

Personally, I always aim to give my honest opinion to suit each individual customer. If it works for them, great – if it doesn’t, I know that I had developed a relationship strong enough to ensure we will cross paths again. I recently read a great article on Entrepreneur about this very same topic, ‘How to Sell Without Feeling Sleazy’. They target what I would refer to as the 3 C’s of a human transaction.

  • Connection
  • Communication
  • Confidence

Self-explanatory, no? These 3 C’s should be the bedrock of every single interaction you have when conducting a sale. I consider this conversation marketing. You are offering a product/service, that everyone will use in his or her own unique way. Why treat every customer the same way when the application of your product/service will vary depending on the individual’s needs?

The difference between sleazy and sincere sales is that you connect with your customer, listen to their needs and sell with their best interests in mind as well as your own.

If you’re tired of continuously being bombarded by pitches, and numbers and stats – come have a coffee with us. We listen; I’ll even splurge for the scones. Every transaction is a two way street, and a good sale is one where both parties leave happy.

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How to Create Effective Teamwork between your Sales and Marketing Team

How to Create Effective Teamwork between your Sales and Marketing Team 2074 1263 Mike Arsenault

Often, the success of an organization becomes dependent upon a cohesive marketing and sales team. Actually, scratch that. The success of an organization is dependent upon proper teamwork and a cohesive team in general. However, marketing and sales teams tend to bear a majority of the burden in terms of an organizations success. This may be due to the fact that these teams are called ‘revenue generators’. They make the main fraction of money for the company. However, these two systems are known for their, putting it mildly, discontent for one another. The following will be my best attempt as to how you can sluice-out gravel between these two vital parts of your business to maximize efficiency, and most importantly, increase your profitability up to 3 times.

Nevertheless, when your Marketing and Sales teams understand the importance of teamwork, real magic happens. Harry Potteresque, and these teams are full of Fantastic Beasts.

4 steps as to how to align your sales and marketing team

Disciplined Communication is Key.

Talk it out. More disciplined interaction between your sales and marketing team will open-up new possibilities and is a cornerstone of effective teamwork. This means arranging meetings at regular intervals: quarterly, monthly or even bimonthly. Too frequent of meetings can be harmful as they take up valuable time without any worthwhile results, so it’s important to strike balance.

Meetings should include discussions about prospective opportunities and problems the marketing and sales teams see. Exchanges should also include brainstorming sessions about solutions. The interactions will dissolve any frustrations spewing beneath the surface and reveal critical points unforeseen by both sides.

Assign an In-Charge or Chief

One of the most effective steps you can take to align your marketing and sales team is to allocate a joint Chief. Under this designation, both teams are responsible for one common goal: profiting. The head is responsible for the frictionless operation of both teams. Many companies use this method and to good success: Coca Cola, Campbell’s Soup and FedEx have commissioned a Chief Revenue Officer (CRO) for this purpose. Responsibility of both teams lies with the head. Lead by example. Refer back to one of our posts on how to build and hone those leadership qualities.

Proximity Helps

Having both of your teams under the same roof helps bridge the gap between them. Members of either team should sit in on the other teams discussions, and report their findings to their team. Propinquity also helps by creating trust between them. Team members are less likely to view other members as suspicious. It will also lessen the impact of cultural differences, which exist because of the contrasting ways the teams operate. The workplace setting will care more positive vibes.

Feedback Your Way To Efficiency

This point closely matches with the first, however, given its importance, it deserves a place of its own. Essentially, this point highlights the importance of fruitful feedback between the Sales and Marketing teams. This can be done in several ways:

A sales VP can summarize any sales made by the sales force, especially emphasizing the methods employed and the nature of the lead: hot, warm or cold
Feedback forms, that marketing develops for the sales team, can be made more concise, to save time and energy of the sales force
Marketing can pay Salespeople for a discussion. This allows marketing insight into how salespeople operate, and their recent sales practices. This will generate useful information about how customers think and what they need.

In a nutshell, the best way to move forward is to analyze your organization’s requirements. If there are distinct marketing and sales teams, your focus should be to alleviate any disconnect between them. For that, the steps given above will guide you and your business to maximum profitability and lucrative success.

Here at UP, we understand the value and importance of a cohesive team. That doesn’t mean we don’t butt-heads, but that is when some of our best work gets accomplished. If you aren’t arguing, are you really trying? In order to better align your marketing and sales team, you need to understand the importance of teamwork. Effective teamwork can be established through implementing these tips. Give us a call to learn more tips, or share some of yours below in the comments. We would love to hear any input you can offer us!